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BlackenAngel Private World.

Last Update at: 2018/3/14

What is "Blacken_Angel"?
Blacken_Angel is just a team for four personality.
They have their own area in some ability.


Front End:
CSS naive and framework like 'Bootstrap', 'Semantic-UI'.
Javascript with native(with vanillajs) or 'jQuery'. Now is familiar with 'React' using.
Back End:
Have learned how to settled up apache to run php.
Self rebuild a project with Laravel(php) or Rails(Ruby).
Following a g0v project, learned how to setup a Django project.


Nekowiz cardFinder

nekowiz cardfinder
Using 'React' and 'Flux' to create an web page.
All data are from wikia, using purecss framework for css styling.

Past Experience


E-Mail: s890081tonyhsu [at]

Other Link

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